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#990 - Unfinished $309 and Finished $319 (natural varnish or medium oak stain)
#930 - Unfinished $259 and Finished $269 (natural varnish, white, or hunter green)
#330 - Unfinished $209 and Finished $219 (natural varnish, white, or hunter green)
#430 - Unfinished $219 and Finished $229 (natural varnish, white, or hunter green)
   #50 - Unfinished  $90 and Finished   $95 (natural varnish, white, hunter green or red)
  #15L - Unfinished  $105 and Finished  $115 (natural, medium, oak stain, black, white, hunter green)
  #70 - Unfinished   $89 and Finished  $99 (available in all finishes except red)
 #146 - Unfinished $179 and Finished $189 (natural, white, or hunter green)

$98 per set - seat and back.
seat: 2.75 thick
back: 1.75 thick

Fits all of our rockers, durable - easy to clean.
Available in green, navy, or green and white stripes. See samples below:
Ships FREE with rockers otherwise it is $25 for 1 or 2 sets alone

To place an order, please call our toll free number at 1.877.OAK.ROCK (1.877.625.7625) or contact us via Emai. The factory packs large rockers 2 (of the same model) per box, therefore we can not accept orders of less than 2 chairs (of the same model). The small rockers (#50 & #52), however,  are available 1 per box..

Full payment is required with each order of chairs. We accept VISA and Mastercard, personal or certified checks. Personal checks will, however, delay shipping.

Each order will be delivered to a professional shipping company within 7 days. Then it may take approximately 5 days to be delivered to you.

Shipping cost (within the 48 contiguous states):
$65 per large chair
#50 & #70 will ship for $30 per item

Buy 4 or more large rockers and save money on the shipping cost!
4 or more ship at $50 per chair.


We are required to collect 7% sales tax on all orders from North Carolina residents.
Otherwise you may consult your taxing authority to determine if you owe any tax.

We are proud to sell the TROUTMAN ROCKER and are confident you will be proud to own it. But if you are not satisfied with the product - ship it back within 10 days and we will refund the price of the chair(s).

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