Computer Businesses

Affiliated ReMarketing Web
Dedicated specifically for buying and selling used and new computer systems: personal computers, workstations, mid-range and mainframe sytems

After Hours Macintosh Consulting
Offers superior Macintosh computer service and support to North Carolina's Triangle area

The world's leader in High-Performance Data Systems

A systems integrator specializing in computer networks, document imaging, internet integration, outsourcing, service, and training

Applied Information Systems
A software provider

Blue Shoe Technologies 
A software development company located in Durham, NC

Eltrax Systems provides today's businesses with comprehensive Network Life Cycle Management Products and Services

Cisco Systems, Inc.
The Leading Global Supplier of Internetworking Solutions

Computer Systemhouse & Electronics, Inc.

Convex Technology Center
Provides innovative, high-performance systems to customers whose complex problems require enormous computational power and the ability to manage massive data sets

Custom Information Systems, Inc.
Building Superior Information systems

DataNet, Inc.
A Computer / Communications Service Company

Sells and services computer hardware and software, and also rents computers and peripherals

Forvus Research is dedicated to providing comprehensive, full-featured terminal emulator products

A Hardware/Software Co. that sells "Solutions for a small planet"

Provides quality computer solutions for small and mid-sized businesses throughout North Carolina.

A software developer and systems integrator

Indelible Blue, Inc.
Your Single Source for OS/2 Warp and OS/2 applications

Infinity Associates
Provides direct Internet access to leading-edge technology, featuring Premium Quality Brand Name Computer- Systems, Components, Peripherals, and Software for Home and Business

Lucky Computers

Memorex Telex
Provides customers with leading-edge networking and data storage products, services and support for their IBM environments

MicroGreen Products, Inc.
Dedicated to producing automation and energy-saving solutions for the home, office, or industrial setting

NORTEL Northern Telecom
NORTEL's business - designing, building, and integrating a world of dynamically evolving information, entertainment, and communications networks - is delivering customer solutions that are literally transforming daily life

Research Triangle Office Systems
Total Computer and Network Solutions for stand alone PC's to mega networks, utilizing cutting edge technology to push and maintain your business in the forefront  of your industry

Offers a complete System Solution - Really!

SAS Institute
A software provider

Specialists in the areas of technical documentation, technical training, application development and database integration

Shireland Technical Services 
A a small company catering to the average home user in the Raleigh, North Carolina area

Silicon Graphics
3D Computer Graphics company

Designs, manufactures and markets advanced diagnostic and test systems, as well as providing sophisticated SS7 switching solutions

Trio Information Systems
One of the world's largest publishers of data, fax and voice software

Produces a line of low-cost rapid GUI development tools for the OS/2 operating system